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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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home from work. it happened near warm springs and vale verde. antonio castelan jones us line from the neighborhood. a lot of people in the neighborhood have to be concerned. it shows the victim actually fought back. >> reporter: reed, she did. she said her fighting instinct took over. she never imagined a thief approaching her at this driveway and pointing a gun at her face. monday night turned into a horrifying ordeal. the woman's surveillance caught a carjacker in action. on the right, the man approached the victim as she opened her care door. henderson police say the suspect pulled out a gun and aimed it at the woman's head. briefly, the thief demands the car keys. in a split second, she throws the cars to the ground and charges the man. the victim tried to run away from the suspect as he got in
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really crazy place. i inc. his horrible somebody had the guts to do that. >> reporter: paris oddo lives a few doors down. she tells us she's amaze the happening in her home. >> my gun is out of the safe. >> reporter: the victim off camera says the thief surprised her. she said she regrets charging him but is grateful to be arrive. >> when someone points a gun in your fac >> reporter: jesse zambrano is the vice president of the community association where the carjacking happened. jesse zambrano says he admires his neighbor's bravery. he has alerted everyone and says it's important for neighbors to keep a close eye eye for one another. >> it's scary to think someone can put a gun to your face and steal your car. >> reporter: the suspect is described as hispanic. he stands about 5'9" and weighs 175 pounds.
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this thief, you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. marie? >> antonio, thank you for that. another manhunt. the search is on for a bank robber who pointed a weapon at an employee and set off a bomb squad investigation. this is the man captured on security cameras at the u.s. bank on health official near police say he dropped a backpack and that's what brought out the bomb squad. the bag was checked out and was not a threat. the customers fear for the employees who had to go through such a frightening ordeal. >> it's hard to go through anything that would cause fear of life or fear of being harmed or anything like that. you can't help it. if you have a connection with
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covered up, the only definitive description is this person stands about 5'5" to 5'9". if you know anything about this crime, you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. an argument inside a home in downtown las vegas leads to a man being shot in the neck. metro police say that man died. tonight, they are looking for the shooter and trying to figure out why it happened in the first place. the man was found near stewart and north bruce. the gunman was gone by the time police dark-colored sedan speeding away. police say they believe that the victim is in his late 30s. five months after a deadly hit-and-run crash, a suspect is arrested and tonight his booking photo is released. north las vegas police say this man was behind the wheel of an suv that crashed in into a car near simmons and cheyenne. after the crash, a photo posted
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the injuries sustained in the crash. the man was arrested on thursday. she's at the local jail facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident. two people killed within a construction zone along blue diamond road. this is the aftermath. a lot of people say they have to have a better goal of making a safer commute. >> deniseos while the crash is not being blamed on construction, some say close calls are fairly common. >> reporter: yeah, one problem out here, there's no room to make a mistake. the lanes are tight and there's concrete barriers that block the shoulder of the road. you are fine if you are paying attention. but a lot of people we talked to say many drivers don't. >> i've been riding since i was like 8 years old. it was just a dream of mine
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>> reporter: this man is trained to go fast. the semi-professional motocross rider practicing his skill at a track in the desert. >> shovels and bulldozers. a lot of people. >> reporter: even these daredevils have concern about nearby blue diamond road. >> it seems pretty deadly. looks like people are speed, taking a long time. >> reporter: in february, the nevada department of transportation kicked off a $16.5 million project along a five-mile stretch of blue diamond, widening two labors to four. this is the department spokesperson. >> that quarter edge simply exploded. it went from being a very lightly traveled rural dirt road
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has meant tight quarters for motorists, despite a 45-mile-an-hour speed limit, commuters we talked to say maneuvering through the construction zone is frightening. how safe do you feel on 160? >> not. >> reporter: henry smith from pahrump dry drives this stretch every other day? >> we're very safe driving and everything. they come up to our -- the back end of my truck and we are trying to stop and they almost hit us. >> reporter: on monday, killed two german tourists. the driver of a dump truck telling investigators, he lost his brakes before slamming into two other vehicles. the question for n-dot is there any room for error through the construction zone. >> we do allow for emergency turnouts throughout the work zone corridor. it's not that there's not any area. it's not what people are accustomed to.
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the construction will last through the summer of next year. then phase 2 begins in 2018 widening the road a little farther up by mountain springs and bottom line, if you do not pass in the construction zone, it's a whole lot safer for everyone. denise rosch, back to you. >> thank you. a unlv professor recovering after being attacked while jogging. >> it happened in the middle of the afternoon. we'll hear from a good samaritan who helped police arrest the suspect. reno. today, what details are being released about the teen behind the wheel and who was inside the car can with him. we have a lot of action in the pacific. get ready for a bumpy ride in the forecast. your seven-day is coming up. and frustrated samsung cell phone owners lining up to return their phones after some exploded. this even after getting a replacement.
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here we go. day two of the special session and we could be one step closer to getting an nfl stadium. the state senate holds its first vote on the deal. >> the legislature started the day by hearing from the opposition. and finally this evening, some voting going on. our jeff gillan is following every beat of this story. he's live in carson city. jeff, i know they wanted to get
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>> reporter: well, actually, no, they are not because the sun is setting virtually as i speak here. you know, folks, this is why you come up here. you come up here to watch people make consequential decisions. i had to run out. i don't know what the final vote is. i have to run back in. they did pass an amendment to the bill. here's what's on the table, they are about to cast a vote to spend public money and higher room taxes to build an nfl-ready stadium in las vegas. and also spend more tax money to expand the las vegas convention center. i just ran out of the senate chamber, where lawmaker after lawmaker is making, frankly, making very eloquent speeches. conservatives don't feel it's
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to pay for the stadium. they don't feel that this is the proper imposition to make upon a county. democrats standing up. democrats traditionally, you know, the friend of progressives, but here in this case, come -- standing up arguing for a tax hike. pat spearman saying that she cannot look a guy in the eye who needs a job and say that i did not vote for so it's that kind of moment here at the state capitol. a word about process. this is not the final word, whatever happens over my shoulder. it will march down the hallway, whatever this vote is. it will march down. this is part of the special session. it's not the done deal in the state senate. i'm gonna run back in and find out what's happening as i
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without taking action on the more cops bill. that's the other component of this special session. three prongs, folks. public money for a stadium. public money for a convention center expansion and then also enabling clark county to raise the sales tax to higher more police. no action on that component today in the state assembly. but again, this is gonna be quite an evening in carson city. i'm gonna go back in now. gonna go on. what's happening in the state senate to see if they will vote in favor or not. >> quick question, jeff. i will be brief. if there's no vote tonight in the senate, when is the soonest the senate could pick this back up again for a vote? >> reporter: there will be a vote tonight in the senate, reed. they are not ending before sundown. so they are going to vote and
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there was no vote today taken in the assembly on more cops. they did adjourn. there will some issues about getting amendments printed and that type of thing and getting that information to them. so they adjourned. they've finished their business for the day. they will come back and pick it up on thursday and i'm glad you asked me the question. activity here is stopped tomorrow. there will be no legislating going on tomorrow. so we'll take a pause tomorrow. we'll come back here tonight here on tuesday. back to you. >> all right, my friend. get back in there. let's see if they do the vote. jeff gillan following every beat of this story. he's live in carson city and will continue to update us. right here is where we look at all of that coming out of carson city. follow jeff and we'll be watching this to see if that vote in the senate happens so that then it can be moved onto the assembly and we can hear
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carson city. back here in las vegas or southern nevada, rather, a popular unlv professor brutally attacked while going out for a run in broad daylight. police are still trying to figure out why. it happened near paseo verde and valley verde. kelsey thomas joins us live. we want to know about the victim. is she still in the hospital? >> reporter: well, marie, the hospital said that leslie griffin, she's still at sunrise this is where it happened. this is green valley. this is an area where people are out on their bikes, they are with their kids. they are walking their dogs. it appears to be a random attack. it happened in the grassy area behind me and they say the man responsible is behind bars because of good samaritans. >> my father told me there's a right thing to do and a wrong thing. that seemed like the right thing.
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vincent knew something wasn't right. he saw leslie griffin lying on the ground bloody and beaten. he followed the map leaving the area. it turned out to be the person responsible for attack. vincent was able to convince the man to go back to the crime scene where he was taken into custody. >> i said, hey, man. it's all good. i don't know what happened but you should go back and tell police what happened and he said -- if you were involved, you are gonna make it worse if you run. and he kind of -- i guess he took that to heart. >> reporter: michael said he was out walking when the victim fell to the ground. he's behind bars expected to face a judge on monday. and those at the unlv law school are heartbroken. they said leslie is a treasured and admired member of the law
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colleagues shocked and satined. reno police have not arrested the driver of a truck who plowed into people at a columbus day rally last night. horrifying sounds of an engine revving and screaming in the crowd. that was the scene near the city's famous arch, the biggest little city in the world. people were taking part native-american rights demonstration. one woman, rushed to the hospital. four others treated for minor injuries. reno police have not released the driver's name but did say he's 18 and had a 17-year-old with him. they were met by police several block as away and are cooperating. let's talk about your weather and the last few days have been wonderful. maybe a little warm for some. no one is complaining. >> no one is complaining as we
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down. >> here it's 6:09. up in reno, it's a few minutes later. they are actually farther west. that's one of those trivia questions. if you fly from los angeles to reno, you are actually traveling far west because of how nevada is shaped. let me get you caught up and close the book on september. in las vegas, all of the highs and lows averaged together, it came out just barely above normal. we only got a few drops of rain. that's not unusual for september. the global numbers, thoh, now in and tabulated. about .75 above normal. if you are keeping score at home, that's almost 32 years since the last time we were not above normal globally for a month. how about the clouds we had today? early, a couple of showers north of the las vegas valley. they were slight showers. by mid to late morning, those clouds pretty much gone and we had breezes especially in
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recently. they were up around 10, 15 in the last 20 minutes. beautiful downtown henderson, a block off water street, they gusted to 23. currently at 87. jones and tropicana, checking in at 85 degrees. so the breezes have been a story again today, although they are simmering down in a huge way now. but yesterday, it was the northern valley neighborhoods up around 30 miles an hour. today, southern valley neighborhoods between 20, 34, the top gusts. outside of the valley, any wind at all. that's been the story outside of town. officially at mccarran, top temperature today, 91 degrees, 8 above normal. we've been on a role with these temperatures in the 90s. we'll start to see them fall off. the air quality report all in the green. we think that will hold for the next couple of days as well. tomorrow your start on hump day, mid-60s. 80s by lunchtime. mid- to upper 80s for a high. the entire valley will pretty
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wind light. while we were talking about matthew, nicole formed in the atlantic. but now, she's gonna pick up and move and sideswipe bermuda as a category 2 hurricane. that can be very problematic over the next couple days. we had the clouds earlier. they've cleared out. i expect a patch of clouds as they thin to work into our sky tomorrow. we'll be mostly sunny but we'll get a few clouds tomorrow. the big change comes as of alaska and mock works through -- and works through southern nevada. 41 on the mountain. 44 in pahrump for lows tonight. boulder city looking at 85 tomorrow. 92 in laughlin and 81 in sandy valley. our valley should have an overnight low of 65 degrees under a clear sky. not too much wind. that pattern holds tomorrow. 87, your expected high temperature.
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your seven-day forecast, here we go. we'll see the temperature with a downward trend slowly but watch out for those winds. on friday we're thinking gusts over 40 miles an hour. about 30 miles an hour on saturday and another surge of potential 40-mile-an-hour gusts on sunday. so if you have a three-day weekend starting friday, look out. a bumpy ride. the temperature will be in the low 80s next week. we'll be able to celebrate more mighty fine las vegas weather. >> of a we get through the a few moments ago, state senators have voted in favor of bill 1 which would put a stadium in las vegas for the raiders. 16 senators voted no. while -- 16 voted yes. five voted no. >> jeff gillan has been in carson city. we're waiting for him to get ready for this live shot. but this is something we've been following so closely. i mean we're talking about day two of the special session.
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made by this evening and just like that, we made las vegas history. >> well, okay. history for the senate, the bulk of the senate saying let's go forward. now it gets kicked over to the assembly. it's anybody's guess as to what happens there. not a done deal but this special session, it really was a big, big thing. one of the hurdles was to get a majority vote in the senate for the raiders to come to las vegas and so now we've seen that happen and what happens in the adjourning until thursday. it will be a little bit of a while until we get an answer from that mart of our legislature. we're going to check in with jeff to see if we can get him sometime during this broadcast. but in the meantime, we'll take a break.
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he's divisive and dangerous. "uh, i don't know what i said. uh... i don't remember." but congressman hardy supports trump 100% and said he'll do whatever trump wants him to do. hardy even said people with disabilities are a drain on society and that seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government. donald trump and congressman hardy -- divisive and dangerous.
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we want to get you back to the breaking news. state senators have voted in favor of senate bill 1 which would put a stadium in las vegas for the oakland raiders. 16 senators voted yes, while five voted no. >> our jeff gillan is gathering more details. he joins us now with the reaction. jeff, they got the vote. you said it and they did it. >> reporter: yes, they did, reed. want you to meet two people very happy. this is the cheech las vegas sands. what won it for you? >> i think it was the message about jobs. this was about more than tourism and about more than las vegas raiders. this was about putting people back to work. i think people understood the impact of it and i think they see a lot of people still hurting and want to go back to work. >> reporter: you really heard
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look it's $750 million in public contribution room -- what's the response to that? >> we can't afford not to do the convention center or the stadium. if we don't start to invest in our community, we won't be able to put people back to work and increase visitation. thank you. you were a very important component of this and that was the convention center expansion. why is that necessary? >> to keep us competitive and number o entire resort industry was behind both projects. it's about jobs and creation of jobs, and the vision of the future for our destination. what we can do for special events. the nfl team will drive more space and more conventions. it's all about the growth and bottom line jobs, jobs, jobs.
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state assembly. they will be picking that up on thursday. life in carson city, jeff gillan, back to you've heard plenty about joe heck and the tax breaks he's voted for. for oil companies and the millions the oil billionaire koch brothers have spent to elect him. bad enough. but heck voted time and time again to limit nevada solar. for nevada families, it's personal. catherine cortez masto will expand clean energy solar jobs. catherine cortez masto will fight for nevada families. edf action and lcv victory fund are responsible for the
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes


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